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I know you like a good story, and I have one from blackjack. This guy buys in and puts his cell phone on แทงบอลออนไลน์ ทําไง the table, right in front of him. The dealer tells him he's going to have to put that away. He grumbles a little, then puts the phone in his pocket. Guy plays a few hands, then one is dealt, and the guy's phone goes off and he darts off, a few feet away from the table, looks at his phone and comes right back. Dealer immediately calls over the pit boss, who calls no hand, tells the dealer to pick up the guy's cards and give him his bet back. Of course, the guy complains, says he was just away for a second and he should be able to finish his hand. Pit boss says the rule is no cell phones, if he wants to be on the phone, leave the table. Player wants to argue, says he can't afford to miss business calls. Pit boss says then leave the table and take your calls. Where to go in Atlantic County based on your astrological sign Whether you truly believe, or believe its unbelievable, the world of astrology is something Other players are trying to tell him the casino has to protect itself, that it doesn't know who the calls are from and it could be somebody trying to help him cheat.

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